Walk of Angels


July 29th 2018

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Scholarship Background

The Walk of Angels Scholarship is a nomination based scholarship that will assisting those indicidulas who wish to continue their passion for soccer but struggle to do so because of extraordinary circumstances or financial difficulties . Coaches/Administration may nominate any player they feel lives out the message of love and dedication for the game as well as meets the requirements of the scholarship. No one should be deprived of an opportunity that can make such a difference in an individual's life as it did for Lauren, Miranda, Jessica and their teammates. The scholarship is available for both the Tri-State area soccer clubs and Northwest and Colerain High School soccer programs.

The requirements for submission are listed on the application, and the deadline for the fall 2016 scholarship is July 28th 2018.

Applications may be submitted by mail to: Walk of Angels

11654 Willowcrest Ct

Cincinnati OH 45251

or by email to: walkofangels@hotmail.com

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